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Equipment For Curlers

Curling equipment comes in a range of complexity and cost. The only essential items are a "slider" and a "broom". A slider is a piece of Teflon, plastic or steel that is slipped onto one foot in order to easily slide down the sheet of ice. The modern game of curling is designed around the ability to slide with no effort. The other foot usually wears a rubber-soled shoe used to grip the ice. To throw the rock, one foot pushes while the other slides. Right-handed curlers push with their right foot and slide on their left.

The broom or brush is used to sweep the ice (polish it, actually) and most curling clubs have brooms available for use. See the Advanced Equipment section the CurlTech choice on purchasing a broom

More advanced curlers may choose to purchase special curling shoes with a built-in slider. See the Advanced Equipment section for the CurlTech recommendation for curling shoes.

There are many manufacturers of curling equipment in the United States and Canada. Most veteran curlers choose to have their own curling equipment; shoes, brooms, special curling gloves, pants, jackets, etc. The list of equipment types and styles is endless. Consult your local curling trainer or curling professional for advice on appropriate equipment.

Equipment for the Curling Club

Curling facilities own a variety of equipment that directly effect the game.

Rocks. The most expensive and complex equipment in the club is the refrigeration system used to make artificial ice. The next most critical, and expensive equipment are the rocks. They are made from solid chunks of special, high-density granite found in Wales and Scotland. Earlier rocks came from an island off the Scotland coast called Ailsa Craig. The island's best granite is called "blue hone". Blue hone granite is very dense and lasts long as a running surface. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to break near the striking band. A better striking rock is a "Trefor" quarried in Wales but its running surface wears quicker and can pit causing irregular movement. The best rocks today are Trefor granite with blue hone inserted as the running surface. The cost of a rock is between $300.00 and $500.00! With proper care, they can last many decades.

Misc. Club Equipment: Other equipment at the curling club includes measuring devices, ice scrapers, large maintenance brooms, scoreboards and climate control equipment.

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